Our Services

Whether you’re a Tour Manager, Production Manager or in any other service connected with the live touring scene, try our entertainment travel management services and find out how professional, friendly and high grade they are. We offer a 24 hour emergency contact service to our clients and our in-depth knowledge of hotel and airline requirements covers a diverse range of budgets.  Leave travel logistics to us, we cover everything from hotel reservations to flight reservations, removing the stress and trauma normally associated with tour organisation. 

Flight Reservations

We will source the best possible airline deals and will liaise with airlines to arrange group check-ins, negotiate excess baggage charges and arrange meet & greets. We also handle private jet and helicopter hire.

Hotel Reservations

We will work closely with you to balance your budget with your requirements. There is no fee for us to make your hotel reservations, unless it is for lodge-style accommodation such as Premier Inn or Travelodge.